Dec 16, 2012

South Korea 2nd Day - Namsan Tower, Myeongdong.

Siapa yang tak tahu Namsan Tower @ Seoul Tower. Sila terjun bangunan sekarang. hahaha. Namsan Tower ni lebih kurang Menara KL la. on the second day, we decided to go there. They said that this place is one of Running Man location. i dont know. sebab xlayan sangat. layan2 cam gitu je. haha. so, pagi lagi dah gerak. Naik bas dari Ajou-->Sadang-->Namsan. I forgot about the station name because Nani yang bawak. so, ingat2 lupa. and most of the pictures in Nani's lappy so, after she coming back here then i will put the pictures. We ride on a cable car to reach at the peak. Sampai je kat atas tu still kena naik lagi tangga tapi tak banyak la. The place was beautiful + cold ( -___- ) we can see Seoul. almost all part of  Seoul. maybe. Nak masuk Namsan tower ni pun kena bayar jugak. ingat free ka? inside the tower ada Teddy Bear Museum. Teddy Bear Museum ni kecik je. but still intersting. ada bear besar2. comel2 je. rasa nak bawak balik pun ada. hehe.
PS : untuk sekarang ni segala gambar mambar ada kat Nani. nanti bila beliau datang UKM sy mintak dekat dia okeh. 

Dec 10, 2012

KL ----> Incheon; Gyeonggi-do; Suwon

Alhamdulillah. After 21 years, I got a chance to go to South Korea. Which is the dream that i have been dreaming for many years. I took flight with Airasia kan "everyone can fly". haha. So, the flight depart at 8.50am. arrived at Incheon airport about 4.30pm (korean time). I had to find my own way to Suwon which my friends are already waiting for me. Forgot to tell, I come here to visit Nani and Susan. They are chosen for exchange student programme to South Korea. So, after arrive in Incheon Airport i went to but T-money which is needed when want to use subway or buses. then, i straight to exit 7 to buy limousine bus that heading to Suwon. can you imagine that i'm alone but can survive in this place. haha. bangga jap. actually it is really easy to find ways in Korea. So my first night in Korea. just walking in Suwon street. from what i looked. the place was crowded with many people. the city looks alive at night. Then, my friend bring me to eat Korean food which i want to eat the most after landed.