May 21, 2013

Ibu adalah segalanya tapi...

Dah berkurun kot tak tulis blog. haha. nampak sangat kemalasannya. 
ok done!
now back to the topic. in the social network now there are so many news on AM and his mother. 
 i like to read those gossips and news. so i want to give out my opinions. there is pro and cons for this situation. there also no win-lose situation. for me, it's lose-lose situation. haha. because for me, both of mother and son should sit together and discuss. but now i will give my very own opinion. 

from the mother perspective 
- why did she used media and told about the whole story about her 'bad' son? is it to find popularity or get sympathy from people. 
- how could she ashamed her son like that. in front of Malaysian. what she will get.?
- what make she thinks people will pity her? just because she is a mother. 
- is she really does not have any other way to find her son.? 

from the son perspective 
- even your mother have bad attitude you cannot talk to her like that. plus, you talk like that in front of all Malaysian. 
- even you crazily fall for that stupid women, you mother is number 1. 
- even your mother asking for your money everytime. think back, you must always ask her money when you need. RIGHTTT!!!! you can never paid back your mother for what she did since you born. even million ringgit. 
- from what i saw, you and your mother are same. both of you will fight until there is no ending. because of of you DEGIL, KERAS KEPALA believe me.!!
(for me i believe those commenters than the mother and son)

* now i think that even both cannot sit together and discuss becaus both of them are not giving space or find a way to find a peace. sorang pun tak nak mengalah. so berlawan kat media jelah. 

* yang perempuan tu pulak aku malas nak ulas. sebab die macam parasit je. nak melekat2 kat lelaki tu. sibuk je. komen mak orang tak siuman lah. mak kau pun apa kurang nya. (agak2 kena saman tak) haha.. kau bukannya isteri lelaki tu okayy.. patutnya kau kena bantu cari jalan untuk baikkan. bukan burukkan. ~