May 21, 2013

Ibu adalah segalanya tapi...

Dah berkurun kot tak tulis blog. haha. nampak sangat kemalasannya. 
ok done!
now back to the topic. in the social network now there are so many news on AM and his mother. 
 i like to read those gossips and news. so i want to give out my opinions. there is pro and cons for this situation. there also no win-lose situation. for me, it's lose-lose situation. haha. because for me, both of mother and son should sit together and discuss. but now i will give my very own opinion. 

from the mother perspective 
- why did she used media and told about the whole story about her 'bad' son? is it to find popularity or get sympathy from people. 
- how could she ashamed her son like that. in front of Malaysian. what she will get.?
- what make she thinks people will pity her? just because she is a mother. 
- is she really does not have any other way to find her son.? 

from the son perspective 
- even your mother have bad attitude you cannot talk to her like that. plus, you talk like that in front of all Malaysian. 
- even you crazily fall for that stupid women, you mother is number 1. 
- even your mother asking for your money everytime. think back, you must always ask her money when you need. RIGHTTT!!!! you can never paid back your mother for what she did since you born. even million ringgit. 
- from what i saw, you and your mother are same. both of you will fight until there is no ending. because of of you DEGIL, KERAS KEPALA believe me.!!
(for me i believe those commenters than the mother and son)

* now i think that even both cannot sit together and discuss becaus both of them are not giving space or find a way to find a peace. sorang pun tak nak mengalah. so berlawan kat media jelah. 

* yang perempuan tu pulak aku malas nak ulas. sebab die macam parasit je. nak melekat2 kat lelaki tu. sibuk je. komen mak orang tak siuman lah. mak kau pun apa kurang nya. (agak2 kena saman tak) haha.. kau bukannya isteri lelaki tu okayy.. patutnya kau kena bantu cari jalan untuk baikkan. bukan burukkan. ~ 

Dec 16, 2012

South Korea 2nd Day - Namsan Tower, Myeongdong.

Siapa yang tak tahu Namsan Tower @ Seoul Tower. Sila terjun bangunan sekarang. hahaha. Namsan Tower ni lebih kurang Menara KL la. on the second day, we decided to go there. They said that this place is one of Running Man location. i dont know. sebab xlayan sangat. layan2 cam gitu je. haha. so, pagi lagi dah gerak. Naik bas dari Ajou-->Sadang-->Namsan. I forgot about the station name because Nani yang bawak. so, ingat2 lupa. and most of the pictures in Nani's lappy so, after she coming back here then i will put the pictures. We ride on a cable car to reach at the peak. Sampai je kat atas tu still kena naik lagi tangga tapi tak banyak la. The place was beautiful + cold ( -___- ) we can see Seoul. almost all part of  Seoul. maybe. Nak masuk Namsan tower ni pun kena bayar jugak. ingat free ka? inside the tower ada Teddy Bear Museum. Teddy Bear Museum ni kecik je. but still intersting. ada bear besar2. comel2 je. rasa nak bawak balik pun ada. hehe.
PS : untuk sekarang ni segala gambar mambar ada kat Nani. nanti bila beliau datang UKM sy mintak dekat dia okeh. 

Dec 10, 2012

KL ----> Incheon; Gyeonggi-do; Suwon

Alhamdulillah. After 21 years, I got a chance to go to South Korea. Which is the dream that i have been dreaming for many years. I took flight with Airasia kan "everyone can fly". haha. So, the flight depart at 8.50am. arrived at Incheon airport about 4.30pm (korean time). I had to find my own way to Suwon which my friends are already waiting for me. Forgot to tell, I come here to visit Nani and Susan. They are chosen for exchange student programme to South Korea. So, after arrive in Incheon Airport i went to but T-money which is needed when want to use subway or buses. then, i straight to exit 7 to buy limousine bus that heading to Suwon. can you imagine that i'm alone but can survive in this place. haha. bangga jap. actually it is really easy to find ways in Korea. So my first night in Korea. just walking in Suwon street. from what i looked. the place was crowded with many people. the city looks alive at night. Then, my friend bring me to eat Korean food which i want to eat the most after landed.

Nov 20, 2012

Singapore Trip 15-18 Nov 2012

After done with Bangkok trip last April, we planned to continue our trip cause we still had the balance from the Bangkok trip. So, En. Radzuan suggested to us going to Singapore. Universal Studio Singapore. Actually we planned it on May, but since all of us shortage of money, so we decided to go on November and just for 3days. This may be our last trip together because it is our last semester in UKM. After this, most of us will be doing Industrial training before graduate on next year InShaAllah. Sedih kan? :’( but still life has to go on. Maybe we can plan a trip before graduate. Here, I put some pictures and our activities when in Singapore.

15 Nov 2012.
We took a bus at Terminal Bersepadu Selatan to Johor Baharu. We check-in Citrus Hotel for 2 nights. The hotel located near the Woodlands which is place to enter Singapore. When we arrived in JB it is already night time. So, we just had our meal and walk around the hotel. We all tired after the long journey from KL----->JB so we sleep early. (maybe only me..) hahaha.   

16 Nov 2012.

We had to wake up early at 5.30am and move at 7.30 so that we can catch early bus to enter Singapore. But, since some of them late coming down, we missed the earlier bus. So, we had to wait for the bus until 9.00am. Plus, the immigration people had so many things to ask us. We enter Universal Studio Singapore (USS) around 10am. There are so many people queuing at the entrance. We decided to go to the Transformers first, but unfortunately it took hours to enter the place. But the hours of waiting is really worth.  Lepas tu, kami main semua permainan kat situ. Most of adult games kami main. Yang paling menakutkan, of course lah roller coaster. Memang semua dah taubat lah tak nak naik benda alah tu. Serammm. -_____-. FYI, there are two type of roller coaster. Human and Cyclone. I prefer Cyclone than Human. hahaha. Then, we ride mummy, watch Shrek 3D. Mummy tu best bila dia punya seat tu reverse dengan lajunya. Shrek macam bosan je sebab our row's chair rosak (bak kata Lee 'kami berat..' -__-) so, bila scene naik kuda tu tak rasa apa2. dah penat main games kat situ, kami take photos je. then, we going back JB. zzzZZzz

17 Nov 2012
On this day, we walk around the country. bought some souvenirs untuk kenang2an. all day we just walk there and there. tired. tapi disebabkan ujan petang tu, we decided to go back early. but not so early la. dalam pukul 6pm jugak la kami balik JB. Then, at night we had our last meal in JB before depart with KTM JB  Sentral at 12.00am. First experience naik keretapi yang ada katil. haha. dalam train memang semua dah tak banyak cakap because really tired. so, memang tidur je lah dalam train tu. sampai stesen Kajang around 7.00am (18 Nov). Then, i took train to Rawang. Going 'Home Sweet Home'. Sampai rumah je bantai tidorr sampai petang. hahaha

kalau nak tengok gambar2 yang lain boleh tengok kat fb ak lah. penat nak upload semua.
--> KLIK SINI<-->

Nov 7, 2012

Singapore here i come.

Assalamualaikum. long time no post from me. now a bit busy with assignments, thesis, searching for jobs. but still, in mind wanna go travelling. i love to travel. even only one country i went. but, Insyaallah within this month will be two countries. nampak tak tamak sangat tu. next week on 15th will travel to Singapore. so, next post will be about Singapore. tak sabar nak pegi USS. nak main kat situ. haha. macam budak2. ah peduli apa. suka hati saya lah. tapi sebelum nak pergi tu assigmentzzzz kena buat weh. kena siapkan. kalau x, xberapa nak tenang nak pergi main2. jalan2. it is good for us to go other countries. so, that we can learn something about the country. sometimes we can bring back what we learn there. but the good things lah. at least we can compare with Malaysia. does not mean to condemn the government but hope that can improve in those aspects. kata nak capai wawasan 2020. another 8years more. but, not so much improvement made. taking economics class teach me that our country developing but slowly progress. haha. now i start to talking rubbish. need to go. 

-annyong- (^^,)