Nov 7, 2012

Singapore here i come.

Assalamualaikum. long time no post from me. now a bit busy with assignments, thesis, searching for jobs. but still, in mind wanna go travelling. i love to travel. even only one country i went. but, Insyaallah within this month will be two countries. nampak tak tamak sangat tu. next week on 15th will travel to Singapore. so, next post will be about Singapore. tak sabar nak pegi USS. nak main kat situ. haha. macam budak2. ah peduli apa. suka hati saya lah. tapi sebelum nak pergi tu assigmentzzzz kena buat weh. kena siapkan. kalau x, xberapa nak tenang nak pergi main2. jalan2. it is good for us to go other countries. so, that we can learn something about the country. sometimes we can bring back what we learn there. but the good things lah. at least we can compare with Malaysia. does not mean to condemn the government but hope that can improve in those aspects. kata nak capai wawasan 2020. another 8years more. but, not so much improvement made. taking economics class teach me that our country developing but slowly progress. haha. now i start to talking rubbish. need to go. 

-annyong- (^^,)

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