Aug 5, 2010

ESZ come to the end..

finally, all student 1st year of Kajai resident no need 2 go 2
ESZ anymore..yahooo..!!

we enjoying perf like sketching, choral speaking n singing..
each group present it in front of other group..
all consist 10 group..
n especially in front of our beloved father,
Dr Tajul Ariffin..
here are some pics of the perf..
for the final week of ESZ..

no more ESZ after this.. =(

zaza n me

choral speking (ma group)

singing (title:my girl)

choral speaking (script 1)


sketch (advertisment)

congrats to all who come to this ESZ activity along 4 weeks.. all the best in english.. speak like u all terer, ignored wut other says.. be brave to speak english in front of people.. chaiyok2..!! =)

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