Jan 18, 2011

kipas-susah-mati SUPER JUNIOR..!!

oppa2 ku sekalian,
semoga kali ini aku dapat berjumpa oppa2..

EunHyuk sshi.. Bogoshipyeo.. Saranghae.. (:

-19th March 2011..
-place not confirmed yet..

they gonna come to Malaysia soon.. i really2 gonna michosso when heard this news..there are so many problem in getting them coming here..until today, the place 4 concert not confirmed yet..since the two companies didn't answer the call..it stated that the current venue(S.P.bukit Jalil) will be use by a company on the 19th..but, SME has paid half for rental of the stadium..but, i dun care since i wanna come and watch them live..i have to go this year..even, not enough money, i'll try..really2 wanna see them..huhu..think i'm gonna crazy if didn't come there.. pray 4 me keyh, so i can go see my oppa.. even not all 13.. 10 is still ok..can't wait 4 the ticket sales..

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