Sep 4, 2011

Love you forever.

this song dedicate to someone that i really love.
i know that you don't love me.
but still i want to love you.
i'm still waiting for you.

spy myeongwol (2011)

english lyrics translation :
at this rate .
i might go crazy .
no .
i'm actually already .
migh be crazy about you .
at this rate .
i might die .
no .
actually without you .
i might not be able to live .
an impossible love in this world .
someone i absolutely shouldn't love .
the more i turn away from you .
the more i miss you .
i'm scared of this constantly frightening love .
i even miss your shadow .
i'm afraid that you're the one .
i should have just passed you by .
i shouldn't love you .
will you teach me what i should do .
what should i do to escape this fate .
i love you .
i love you .
i love you to death .
even if my heart hurts like crazy .
even if my tears don't stop .
even if i can't love you .

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