Oct 22, 2011

DIGI LEAP with UKM student.

last week i went to DIGI LEAP. its really2 fun to be there. students from FEP, FTSM and FKAB who are chosen to be the participant. at first i thought that this program just waste my time. because it held for two days. so, i think i can finished my assignment with that two days. after we arrived to the place which is located in Shah Alam. i threw away all my problem and feel wanna enjoy this program. first time entering the Digi Tel. building i feel something different. the building was very awesome. then, they asked us to take our breakfast 'nasi lemak' and the food was sedap weyh. dah la tengah lapar that time. the program started with introducing to digi dept, history of digi. FIY, digi is the only company i think very 'sempoi'. pergi kerja hanya pakai baju biasa je. tak perlu pakai kot, tie bagai. then, they divide us to group named CHICKEN, COW, TREE, DONKEY, HORSE, EAGLE, LION and last one WOLF (my group). funny right? they asked us to do the sound of the animals.

actually the program want us to be more creative in doing something. dare to take risk. and i like this words. "dont be like a circus elephant". means that, jangan jadi orang yang hanya mengikut arahan yang diberi. think out of the box. okaylah. lazy to write more. bukan orang nak baca pun. enjoy the pic.

gambar2 atas nie ada dalam bangunan Digi nie. salah satu gambar (3) dibuat oleh anak2 pekerja Digi. see, cantik kan? walaupun they just letak2 conteng2 jadi satu seni. pernah tak tengok mana2 company yang macam nie. lupa la nak amik gamba office Digi. lagi cantik menarik.

yang atas nie pulak mereka bagitahu bahawa we need to respond others,
how thomas edison mencipta mentol setelah lakukan kesilapan lebih 1000x, 1st time i knew about this.
jangan asyik nak bagi alasan atas apa yang berlaku.
perubahan bermula daripada diri kita sendiri.
and yang atas sekali i like the most "DONT BE LIKE CIRCUS ELEPHANT"'

we are WOLF
with hakeem
with Niqisfreak (indonesian)
with Neal (philipines)
with the demonstrator. gonna miss u all. :))

thanks for great days with u guys. hope to see u all later. and thanks for free sim card and broadband prepaid sim. i will use it. because its free. hehe.

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