Jun 13, 2012


Now i'm 21 years old. but not too old okay. but until now I don' understand why we should have examination. ya I know they want to measure our understanding about the subjects but you know what, the understanding cannot be measured by examination. students will just understand what they read not what they experienced. that is what happen to student now. they just read from the book. and understand nothing. just keep remembering it. then, after exam finished all the remembered things gone too. I admit me myself lack of general knowledge. where as me as International Business student should know all that things happen around me nowadays. when asked by lecturer not all of student can get the right answer. it does not mean exam should be exist. but the way exam be done. which can help student understand it more rather than just remembered for exam day only. 
okbai. (=
p/s : this post is written by student who anti-exam. hahaha.

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