Jun 20, 2012

jogging + herbalife.

starting today i'm taking herbalife as my supplement energy. plus, i want to lose weight. so, i hope by taking herbalife and also jogging everyday will help me. reduce the fats in my body. hahaha. by the way just now when i'm jogging there is football match between UKM and i don't know. hee. i'm trying to looking for him. but i think he did not play today. oh how much i miss to see him play. then, suddenly my friend said that MR M came to stadium. i don't know why. maybe he wanna see football match. or maybe he wanna see me. -__-. *ok that is impossible* okay lah. i want to continue studying. see you later. annyonggg~ =D


  1. I like herbalife cause its safe and taste great!

  2. OOooo... no wonder la... now didnt joggin anymore bcoz no football match n no white prince appear.. haiz.. how disappointed i am..
    u leave me alone now.. haiz...

    1. not like that la susan. tiba2 i rasa macam da xnak jog. haha. sorylah susang.. nanti bila mood tu da ada balik i teman u ea. (=