Jun 5, 2012

kesalahan yang sama lagi

i knew before this i wrote about the same title. but it has different story. these cases happen when i was in first year. and the case repeated but different person. people who don't know me will talk bad about me. but what do i care. it's me. yeah. i'm only a sleeping partner. but if my result not same as you, never call me that. i know that i don't want to admit that i'm wrong which is actually i am. i am sorry. i know even i beg forgiveness from you thousands time you can't forgive me. it is about two weeks i'm away from this problem and this miserable world. somehow i feel calm because i dont need to think about people saying. instead it help me to heal the scar inside. even now or before, when i want to enter the miserable life i will think back about you. you know what. when you are apart from me my life is beautiful. but when you are with me, my life is more beautiful. but i dont know what you feel about me. i know that you understand me. but sorry i never understand you. i don't know what you want. when i'm trying to you ignored it. and now i think i wrote something that will make you mad at me. so i will stop now. just remember that i will never forget about you because you are the one who has come in my life and make me feel happy knowing you even now our relationship not like before. i miss you and i love you my friend. (=

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