Jun 15, 2012

i never understand man

for the whole of my life. i never understand man. even if you don't like a girl. please can you say it in nice words. plus, don't be too good and nice with them. it will make them misunderstanding. seriously i hate you man who hurt my friend. i hate you man who hurt me. i know that you don't like our way but please just tegur lah. jangan lah keluarkan kata2 yang boleh buat sakit hati. ingat tau perempuan ni sangat lemah. once lelaki dah buat macam tu dekat dia. dia akan benci sebenci2nya. but remember, they still care and love you. they still miss the moments both of you. tolonglah. aku memohon kepada kaum2 lelaki dan juga kepada kaum2 perempuan. let say if you don't like a person who like you, please say it in a nice words. jangan la keluarkan kata2 yang xmenyedapkan untuk didengar. huhu. until we meet again. annyongg~

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