Jan 29, 2012

seorang insan yang bernama lelaki

seriously i don't know why i will have problems with people called 'lelaki'. after i knew them. the problems will come. i don't know what wrong. either the problems come from me or them. okay let me tell you one story. before this i know one man. i knew him from the program i joined. we sms'ing' and calling for about one week. after some misunderstanding. we fought. i admit that the problems start with me. so, i asked for forgiveness. yeah. as usual, men's ego are very high. they won't forgive and ask for forgiveness. our relationship just end like that. no more sms. no more calling. me?? i just continue my life without thinking back about this. just a waste of time. yesterday. early in the morning. i got a phone call. guess who?? it's him. so, i asked him why call me. he answered nothing, just remembered me. so, all night we sms each other. but, i feel uneasy with him. he just talk about things that i don't wanna talk anymore. so, i stop sms him. this morning, i ask him why he contact me back. i said that if he sms me just want to talk about 'that things' i will ignore him. actually, until now i can't understand why he contact me back. so, then he just ignore me. i won't sms him anymore until he tell me why he thinking of me suddenly after lost contact about a few months. i just want us to be in a common relationship. not that 'that' relationship. (^___^)

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